Universities of Russia, Norway, and Finland Are Preparing a Synergy Project

06.04.15 00:00

|p=00,left|For years the Institute of International Business and Law at ITMO University cooperates with international organizations such as the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations, the World Intellectual Property Organization, and the World Customs Organization (WCO). Today IMBIP is the only institution that represents Russia in the World Customs Organization. This allows the institution to involve students in international activities from the very first years of study at the university.

Elena Bogdanova, director of the Institute of International Business and Law, notices that education is unthinkable without practice, which is provided by the Institute’s chain of interactions with partners in educational programs, tax and customs services, and business.

“Agreement on Cooperation with Lapland University of Applied Sciences complements our six-year collaboration with the Customs Department and the Finnish Customs School,” she says. “But we work for the first time with the Finnish higher education. Finnish market is strongly diversified, thus open new ways for the Russian-Finnish relations – education and research activities are among them. And our Institute, which educates specialists not only in Customs, but also professionals in the field of foreign trade, innovation, and intellectual property, is interested in cooperation.“

In April, a group of students of the Institute of International Business and Law will travel to Helsinki, where they will visit the Customs Training Centre, Port of Vuosaari, and Finnish logistics company. Students personally told the guests of the ITMO University of the possibilities IMBIP programmes offer; and shared their impressions of the internships in Costa Rica, Geneva, Brussels, Riga, and other places.

|p=01,right|The visit of guests from Finland, Norway, and Murmansk included discussion on the details of cooperation in two ways: the organization of joint projects, international student conferences, internships, as well as student and teacher exchange, which includes the signing of a cooperation agreement with the University of Applied Sciences of Lapland; and IMBIP’s participation in educational cooperation of bordering with Finland countries.

Since 2011, the Union of Finnish, Norwegian, and Murmansk universities involved the project called Practice Future, the purpose of which was to establish synergies between university students and employers in countries of the Union. The project was successfully held, but the organizers want to launch a new one, increasing the number of companies and universities participating in it. Peter Fisher, professor at the University of Tromsø, said that the Institute of International Business and Law at ITMO University is an excellent candidate to participate.

“The story of the Institute of International Business and Law, which we have heard from staff and students, made a strong impression on me.” says he. “You can see that the studying there is, of course, interesting, and education is on a high level: internships abroad, teachers who use creative approach in their work. We learned that ITMO University is one of the leaders in the program on improvement of the competitiveness of Russian universities which only fuels our interest in cooperation.”

IMBIP students say, in turn, that they are ready to take part in international projects. To this end, they organize their own annual scientific conference where the reports are written in the English language. This year's conference will be held on May 15 on the university level. Top speakers will be able to participate in the Youth Forum of the 10th International Conference PICARD which will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan.