A New Cooperation Agreement

08.10.14 00:00

On October 6, 2014, the Institute of International Business and Law of ITMO University signed a cooperation agreement with the Scientific and Engineering Center of Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University (ETU) for the research and implementation of innovative development programs.

The agreement was signed for the development of fundamental and applied research in the field of information and communication technologies, analysis of global trends in the development, ensuring prioritization of the development of innovative projects, technologies, technology platforms in information systems and hardware-software systems.

The agreement enables sharing of research and development activities and the use of their results in the educational process for training, attracting highly qualified staff of ETU to teach special subjects, management of undergraduate and graduate students research work; encouraging the IMBIP faculty, staff, and graduate students to participate in research and development activities, as well as the development of innovations on the basis of the research. IMBIP students and graduates also get the opportunity to work in the ETU laboratories, have internships, as well as implement R & D projects.

This cooperation opens many possibilities including organization of seminars, conferences, thematic sections, and use of scientific developments.