School Patent – Step into the Future at the VII St Petersburg International Innovation Forum 2014

06.10.14 00:00

Institute of International Business and Law of ITMO University has traditionally been a participant in the Innovation Forum in Lenexpo. Artworks of the children's contest ‘School Patent – Step into the Future’, organized annually by IMBIP as part of the Days of Intellectual Property, have also been displayed in the main St Petersburg exhibition hall and evoked the interest of the public.

From 1 to 3 October 2014, St Petersburg turned into an innovation capital of Russia – St Petersburg International Innovation Forum (PMIF) handled more than 70 business and presentation activities.

The forum was supported by the Government of St Petersburg and organized by the Committee on Industrial Policy and Innovation. As per tradition, PMIF was held jointly with the International Forum ‘Russian Industrials’ in Lenexpo.

Business presentations and events were held in three major program areas: innovation and technological development of the industry, technology transfer; education and staffing in innovations; innovative development of the regions. For the first time, development and introduction of composite materials were vigorously discussed. Along with the program of the congress, an exhibition of innovative companies and projects, institutions, innovation development, innovation infrastructure, and investment funds was organized.

In 2014, the Forum presented the latest developments in the field of industrial equipment, education, pharmaceuticals and other industries from innovative enterprises of St Petersburg, regions of Russia, Europe and Asian countries.

The forum's theme was ‘Innovation as an Inexhaustible Resource Development.’ Innovative activity is one of the key objectives for modernization of the ITMO University, so its representatives held a dozen meetings with colleagues, potential partners and business representatives, as well as submit their presentation in the development of the forum.

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