New Intellectual Program Is Open for Applications

10.09.14 00:00

|p=00,left| The purpose of this program is to create highly qualified specialists in the following: 

  • information on patents to support business, research, and development
  • patent investigation
  • processing applications for the issuance of a protection document for inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, service marks, indications and appellations of origin of goods
  • evaluation of intellectual property
  • implementation of international and domestic licensing transactions
  • development of investment projects and business plans with the use of intellectual property
  • protection of the public interest in the field of Intellectual Property Rights (Customs Service, the arbitral tribunal and the like)
  • evaluating and ensuring the competitiveness of products and services
  • identifying and providing unimpeded commercial conditions of industrial production and transfer of rights on Intellectual Property
  • assessment of patentability of scientific and technological achievements
  • examination of technology on patent infringement
  • protection of the businesses interests (individuals from violations of their rights on Intellectual Property in the form of suppression of unlawful acts)
  • management of intellectual property
  • foreign patenting
  • Intellectual Property advertising
  • negotiations with domestic and foreign firms on the transfer of rights on the Intellectual Property and other results of creative activity and the conclusion of license and copyright agreements
  • creation and management of the creative team
  • resolution of industrial disputes


Patent-licensing services, intellectual property offices, other offices of ministries and departments, banks, financial-industrial groups, innovation funds, international organizations in the field of Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO, etc.), foreign government agencies and commercial companies, research, development, production organization, high technology firms, small and medium-sized innovative businesses, parks, techno, technology incubators, consulting firms, firm of patent attorneys, the firm of valuation of intellectual property, law enforcement, tax authorities, courts, prosecutors, law firms , legal advice, accounting firms, customs, SPC system, universities, the system of retraining and advanced training of civil servants and other categories of workers, colleges, high schools, creative unions (journalists, writers, filmmakers, etc.) and Guild (filmmakers operators etc.), copyright societies, associations of inventors and innovators, etc.

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