Initiation Ceremony for Students

03.09.14 00:00

There are 1675 students admitted to the ITMO University in 2014. A lot of them came from different cities and even foreign counties. All of them are about to join in the rich student life of the University.

Vladimir Vasiliev, Rector of the ITMO University, greeted new students with a speech. He noted, “You joined one of the best universities not only in Russia but in the word. The ITMO University is in itself a leader and a winner. Here lies great potential for you, both scientific and creative. In addition to studying, our students participate in sports, help with construction work and volunteer. Remember that this is also your growth and development. Modern specialists (professionals), besides quality education, are in need of so-called soft skills which manifest themselves in the ability to work in a team, to finish projects, and in the attitude towards colleagues, university, and city.

Alexander Govorunov, Vice-Governor, Head of the St Petersburg Governor Administration commended new students with a few words, “There are a lot of exams ahead of you, but you have already passed one of the most important ones – you became students at university in one of the best cities in the world. Go ahead, create, put ambitious goals before you and do not be afraid to make mistakes.  Those who are afraid of making mistakes will never be truly successful. You have a very interesting time ahead of you; you are joining a peculiar stage called ‘student life’. Each of you has their own way to success, but pay attention to one value – time.” Already at the initiation ceremony, students realized they will not be wasting their time there. The ITMO University is not just studying and lectures but also a lot of extracurricular activities. ITMO’s Open Humor League KVN group as well as vocal and dance groups proved that on Music Hall stage. Evgeniy Raskin, Chairman of the Students Board said, “You are very lucky that you are going to study in such a wonderful, strong university. The ITMO University is known not only for great professional education, but also for a vibrant student life. No wonder they say student years are the happiest, we will definitely help you see this.







Information from the website of the ITMO University