Students of the University of ITMO Graduated Today!

28.08.14 00:00

Today, more than two thousand students of the St Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics celebrated graduation. Ceremonies for the ones studying in one of the leading universities in St Petersburg were big: cannon shot from the bastion of the fortress, a flash mob with balloons and a concert in the October Concert Hall.  More details from Dmitry Kopitov.

Festival Opera for All will continue on July 19 and 20.

They were obviously never taught how to shot from the cannon before. But within the walls of ‘alma mater’ today's graduates have mastered interesting and certainly demanded professions.

University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics is one of the most prestigious universities in Russia. Therefore, these young people do not doubt their professional success. On the verge of a serious life, they stood there with smiles on their faces. Only one thing upsets them, in September they will not be able to attend the lectures of their favorite teachers. The fact that they enrolled in the University of ITMO, qualified programmers, robotics think without regret. 

Catherine Bookchina, a graduate of University of ITMO says, “I am happy that I made this choice six years ago and enrolled here, and after finishing undergraduate program continued study here.”

Catherine Kalkina, a graduate of University of ITMO noted, “This is probably the most remarkable institution in the world, and I do not only educational activities, but also creativity. I am chairman of the student council and has been organizing various activities. “

Academic caps of graduates flew in the sky today also near the Concert Hall October.

With this student tradition began there a ceremony honoring the graduates. This year, the University has given way to life two thousand specialists.

Dmitry Kopitov, the reporter marked, “Many of them are already plan to continue their education in graduate and master program this autumn. And today, in honor of the graduates, two thousand balloons were released in the sky. “

The majority of former students are already defined where to work and how to continue to arrange their lives. Perhaps the most important observation is that the young owners of unique knowledge acquired at the University of ITMO, do not seek to go abroad.

Maxim Poltoratsky, a graduate of University of ITMO stated, “The teachers have helped us with employment. Now we work with them. There are no problems with employment. There are jobs.“

The fact that the skills of graduates will be useful for the development of the St Petersburg’s economy, said Vasily Kichedzhi, Vice-Governor of St Petersburg, on the stage of the Concert Hall, “Every specialist will be in demand.”

Vasily Kichedzhi, Vice-Governor of St Petersburg said, “I'm sure, your knowledge even in the context of globalization will allow you to be very competitive on the market in St Petersburg. It is our desire, the desire of the government that you stay here. There are good jobs. “

About jobs, these young men and women will start thinking tomorrow. And today is their graduation party, so they can have some fun.




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