XXVII International scientific-practical conference Problems and Prospects of Economic Science in the XXI Century for postgraduate students and young scientists

30.06.14 00:00

The Conference is organized by the Analytical Center "Economy and Finance" in Moscow.

The results of the conference will be published in a collection of articles (RISC, issn).

Official languages: Russian, English.

To participate in the conference, all applications must be sent to science-economy@moscowcef.ru.

Deadline is June 28, 2014.

Application includes:

  • thesis in Russian or English is accepted up to 5 pages
  • scanned receipt of the registration fee payment, which is 750 Russian rubles for participants from Russia
  • filled application form from the organization's website

Breakout sessions are planned in the following areas:

  • economic theory
  • global economic integration and transformation processes in the twenty-first century
  • economy and management of enterprises, industries and systems (industry, agriculture and the agriculture, construction, transport, communications and informatics services)
  • assessing the role of marketing in shaping economic potential
  • innovation-oriented development of the economy and its integration into the world economy
  • labor economics, personnel management
  • banking
  • accounting, management accounting and auditing
  • finance, money and credit
  • management
  • macroeconomic modeling, development of the economic system

More information is available here.

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