Review of the scientific conference at the institute

03.06.14 00:00

On May 29, IMBIP hosted the first in the history of the Institute Student Scientific Conference in English. The subject was one of the most pressing problems – "Simplification of International Trade Procedures" ("International trade facilitation"). The main objectives were to attract students' attention to the issues of international trade, the popularization of foreign language study, and activation of scientific activity.

The conference participants presented 13 reports. Members of the jury and audience had an opportunity to ask questions in both the Russian and English languages. The jury consisted of the IMBIP management and students, as well as one special guest – an English teacher and a successful businessman from the U.S., Paul Fenner. After the conference, every participant received a certificate.

Students commented: "I would like to thank the organizers of the first IMBIP conference in English! I think this event will become a tradition at our faculty. I also hope that the conference will happen on intercollegiate level in the future, because we have already achieved the international level with the participation of teacher from America in the jury." Andrei Nikolayev, 2nd year student.

Paul Fenner also commented on "Internatinal Trade Facilitation" conference:

«I would like to thank the students and administration for inviting me to attend the Students' Scientific Conference.

The poise and confidence displayed by your students was very impressive. Everyone, including the students hosting the event, exemplified the traits that make excellent leaders. This type of preparation for the future is invaluable, and too few students graduate with the ability to effectively communicate. The University should be congratulated for developing this invaluable skill.

I offer you my sincerest congratulations,

Paul Fenner”

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