April Fool's Day

04.04.14 00:00

На 1-е апреля наши студенты провели April Fool's Day на английском языке, организованный Гордеевой Еленой Юрьевной, преподавателя английского языка в ИМБИП. К празднику готовились тщательно, студенты придумали интересные выступления и костюмы. 

Отзыв студентов:

“IMBIP has organized an entertaining party dedicated to the Fools’ Day in English. The main participants were the 1 and 2 year students. The contribution of each group was really significant.

To begin with, the plot of the Fools” Day was really exciting. It was an amazing fairy-tale about a very beautiful princess. Nobody could make her fall in love, but one man was ready to do everything to impress the princess and marry her. The student” performance is worth mentioning. The special atmosphere was created by the costumes and music. Some groups were given the tasks to prepare their various performances and to connect them with the customs specialization. What’s more, the organizers came up with some competitions which gave everyone lot of fun. All the students were laughing all the time. During the performance the groups presented their videos, jokes, scenes, songs.

To sum up, the Fools”s Day was a real fun! We got a lot of positive emotions! This event has given everyone an unforgettable experience which will undoubtedly help us in our future study of the English language. We hope there will be more and more such entertaining parties!”

                                                                                                                          IMBIP Students