Results of the Third Russian intercollegiate competition in Business English

15.05.14 00:00

Congratulations to our freshmen Gulruh Boltaeva, Alexander Belyantsev and Ekaterina Matveyevа who participated in the Third Russian intercollegiate competition in Business English, held for of 1-3 year students of non-language specialties in the StPetersburg Institute of Management and Law.

The competition was attended by students of St Petersburg Technical University, State University of sea and river fleet of S.O. Makarova, the State University of Civil Aviation, SZ Institute of Management, University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, St Petersburg Institute of Management and Law, Graduate School of Management, and many others.

I honorable place among the students took courses 1 Gulruh Boltaeva won the 1st place among freshmen.

Sasha Belyantseva and Ekaterina Matveeva also showed good results, winning 7th and 12th places.

Congratulations to the winners!