Join the First-ever International Youth Committee!

17.11.15 00:00

Dear friends! 

The X Anniversary PICARD Conference organized by WCO took place in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, on 8-10 September, 2015. This international event, which is annually held in different parts of the world, again attracted a great deal of attention, because since 2006 PICARD has been a platform for scientific and scientifically- practical discussions about the most urgent problems in the customs regulations sphere. 

The III International Customs Youth Forum took place within the PICARD Conference. About 70 delegates from various countries participated in it. The students from Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Mexico, Costa Rica, USA, Georgia, Germany, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and Cote d'Ivoire came to the hospitable Azerbaijan to share not only their opinions on different problems and specific features of the customs regulation in their countries, but also to learn about educational opportunities, exchange the latest information about the scientific and study materials which may be helpful for the development of knowledge. Youth Forum gave each of its members a chance to feel like a part of the world customs family.

The Forum included the reports which had been chosen by the Organizing Committee. This year the students from Russia and Ukraine were the main reporters.The PICARD Conference and Customs Youth Forum did something that had seemed like an unreachable dream before -the students from all over the world could discuss professional problems in a warm and friendly atmosphere and hear the opinion of the world’s leading experts about their research. 

The results of the III Forum will be published in the scientific and practical journal "Customs Youth Forum Journal" - a new issue for the student scientific publications. 

The Youth Forum resulted in making a decision about organizing the Youth session of the XI PICARD Conference scheduled for September 2016, Philippines. The International Youth Forum Committee will be responsible for elaborating the core themes and organizing the IV Youth Forum. 
We will be pleased to see students from all over the world becoming the members of the Youth Committee. We invite you to support our initiative and become a part of the First-ever International Youth Committee! 
We are responsible for the future of our world, so let's begin to build professional friendship bridges right now! 

The International Youth Committee CYF